What You Need To Know About Buying Wooden Crating

What You Need To Know About Buying Wooden Crating

Wooden crating might look like just boxes, but there is a lot more to it. As such, you should take your time when buying wooden crates to make sure you get the best quality. You Need to Confirm High-Quality Claims Most companies that manufacture and sell wooden crates...

Why We Use A Specific Type of Wood for Pallets

Pallets are made from a variety of woods, depending on their country of origin. But here in the US, we most commonly use two kinds of pallet wood — oak and southern yellow pine. One is hardwood and one is softwood. So why these two?  Pine is readily available, cheap,...

Where Did Wood Pallets Come From?

The wood pallet plays an integral part in the shipping and storage industry. You see it everywhere, from retail stores to workshops to even home interiors. But where did the idea of a pallet come from? The Skid Before pallets were created, people used skids. These...

What You Need to Know When Buying Pallets

Incredibly functional with a diverse range of benefits, wood pallets are the number one choice for many businesses in the US when it comes to shipping and storing goods. Through wood pallets, companies can move great quantities of products at a fast rate.  But when...

Not All Wooden Pallets Are Created Equal

Not All Wooden Pallets Are Created Equal

You probably already know that pallet designs have differing weights and load capacity. But if you want to know more about wooden pallet weight and why pallets seem to have different standards across locations, then we might be able to help.  Why Do Pallets And...

What To Do With Leftover Pallets

What To Do With Leftover Pallets

Leftover pallets can pose a problem for businesses. These can be too damaged for repair, made of poor quality, or the unusual size might not be what your company needs anymore. Whatever the reason, these unwanted pallets can take up precious area space in your place...

How Much Should You Spend on Your Pallet

Many businesses across the US and the world rely on pallets for their operations because this type of packaging offers them an efficient way to protect, transport, and store goods of all kinds. But how much should you expect to pay for wood pallets?  Factors that...

Buying Wooden Pallets and What You Need to Know

Buying Wooden Pallets and What You Need to Know

More and more businesses rely on pallets for safely moving, displaying, and storing goods. Out of those businesses, and despite the many alternatives, around 90% favor wood because these pallets are strong, customizable, repairable, and recyclable.  If you haven’t...

Pallet Recycling: How To Quickly Dismantle a Pallet for Reuse

Pallet Recycling: How To Quickly Dismantle a Pallet for Reuse

Many businesses across industries use pallets when shipping and storing their goods. They are so in demand that in the US alone, more than 500 million are manufactured every year and over 90 percent of those are made of wood. And of that figure, many are single-use...

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