Common Industry Terms



Rectangular, square, multisided, or cylindrical deck spacer, often identified by its location within the pallet as corner block, end block, edge block, inner block, or center or middle block.

Block size

Pallet member dimension, specified by width followed by height and length.


Element or component of pallet top and bottom, perpendicular to stringers.

Deckboard size

Specified by thickness followed by width and length.


A visible separation in the plane of a panel or panel component. This may occur in the panel manufacturing process, or in use due to rough handling. The latter may be caused by impacting panel edges with a tine tip, and may or may not result in material being removed from the panel component.


Fastener bend angle providing indication of (fastener) toughness and bending resistance. MIBANT angles are measured according to procedures contained in ASTM F680 Standard Test Methods for Nails, ASTM International,

Notch area

A region around stringer notches with special defect limitations.

Pallet length

Pallet dimension between the extreme pallet ends, parallel to the stringers or top stringerboards. For panel-deck block pallets without stringerboards, it is the top deck pallet dimension parallel to the face grain for plywood (strong panel axis).

Pallet width

Pallet dimension between the extreme pallet sides, parallel to and corresponding to the length of the top deckboards. For panel deck block pallets without stringerboards, it is the top deck panel dimension perpendicular to the face grain for plywood.

Pallet size

Pallet dimension specified by stringer or stringerboard length, followed by top deckboard length and overall pallet height. For panel deck block pallets, it is the length, width, and overall pallet height.


A wood based structural panel, either plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

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