Why Choose Heat-Treated Pallets?

When it comes to choosing the right wooden pallet for your business, there’s no better choice than Anderson Pallet and Crate. Not only do we provide quality craftsmanship, fair pricing, and a knowledgeable staff, but we also have a wide variety of custom options. In...

Where To Buy Wooden Crates

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, satisfying our customers is always the number one goal. And we know it’s your company's goal too. Buyer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with providing a quality product and meeting your customers’ expectations. Protecting a company’s...

Saving Money with Custom Shipping Crates

Believe it or not, investing in custom shipping crates is a great way for your business to save money. Whether you’re in need of small, specialty crates for beverages, or a single shipping crate for your heavy, 40,000 pound piece of equipment, Anderson Pallet and...

Measuring Your Pallet or Shipping Container Dimensions

When it comes to shipping and storing, our heavy duty, high quality pallets and crates are great for a world of requirements, and we use only the most precise, advanced equipment available for your custom shipping container needs at Anderson Pallet & Crate. Custom...

Using Quality Pallets to Keep Your Customers Happy

Shipping heavy duty items or large quantities at once requires the right pallets. These should be made to hold heavy-weight and even awkward-shaped items to ensure your products get where they need to go in pristine condition. Don’t waste your money on subpar quality...

Where To Buy Wood Pallets

Knowing where to buy wood pallets, shipping crates and wooden shipping skids can be a challenge. You want to work with a company with a reputation and history of making high quality shipping containers and pallets. Anderson Pallet and Crate has been manufacturing...

Custom Wood Packaging Shipping Solutions

We offer a variety of custom wood packaging for all types of products. When you need to ship your business’s products, you want to rest assured they'll arrive undamaged. As a business owner, you may ask yourself, “Where to buy wood pallets near me?” Finding the right...

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