When you need to safely transport equipment, machinery, or other large items, finding a quality shipping crate is essential. According to PHS Inverter, because of their durable, functional, safe, and inexpensive nature, wooden pallets account for 93% of all pallets in the material handling industry. Not all crates are created equal, though, when it comes to protecting your cargo and delivering it damage-free. What should you look for in a custom shipping crate? Let’s explore some key factors that affect performance.

Sturdy Construction

First and foremost, you want a sturdy and durable custom shipping crate. Look for thick, high-grade lumber like oak or pine and reinforced metal brackets at the corners. The crate should be well-constructed without gaps or weak points that could break down. Avoid crates made from lower-cost materials that can easily crack or collapse under stress.

Customized Size

One size definitely does not fit all for shipping crates! You need a custom shipping crate specially sized to fit the exact dimensions of the item being transported. An ideally fitted crate eliminates extra space that allows shifting or jostling during the shipping process. It also reduces wasted volume in the shipping container. Take careful measurements for a perfect fit.

Padding and Bracing

Proper interior padding and bracing will protect your cargo from damage. A quality shipping crate has foam pads on all sides or custom-cut foam inserts that cushion the item. Additional bracing like straps, bars, or blocks prevents movement inside the crate. Make sure to indicate any vulnerable spots that need extra padding.

Labeled Handling Instructions

Clear handling instructions on a custom shipping crate ensure careful transport. Communicate specific warnings like “fragile” or which side faces up. Also, include any special loading instructions for the orientation or stacking of the crate. Proper labeling reduces mishandling, which could harm the contents.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to protecting your valuable equipment or machinery during the shipping process. Investing in a high-quality custom shipping crate manufactured with care pays off in safe delivery. Inspect your crate thoroughly upon arrival before signing, too! If you are looking to move or transport valuable or fragile items, turn to Anderson Pallet & Crate today. We are eager to hear from you soon.