Wooden pallets are a crucial part of every business. They are supposed to be long-lasting and durable enough to ship your goods. However, the country is packed with pallet companies. According to the Woodworking Network, there are over 5,000 wood pallet companies nationwide. We’ll review everything you need to know to choose the right one to meet your needs.

Products and Services

Many companies offering wooden pallets also have other products, like wooden moving crates. Ask a company what services and products they provide to ensure you can find one company that offers everything you need. This instantly makes the shipping process seamless.


A wooden moving crate is no use if it falls apart en route. Pallets will cause damage if they collapse in the middle of being lifted. That’s why it’s essential to purchase durable pallets. Read online reviews to see what other customers say about the durability of the products offered.


Consider your values when purchasing pallets. For example, if you pride yourself on being an environmentally friendly company, you should work with a sustainable product company. A company with a wooden moving crate and palette option manufactures wooden products, which makes it a sustainable company.

The Price

Always consider the price when purchasing pallets. Call a few companies to price compare. However, it’s essential not to compromise quality for quantity. Some businesses may be a bit more expensive, but they may double-check pallets to ensure they are long-lasting. This process saves you money in the long run.


Customer service is as essential as the quality of the pallets you order. You want to work with a company that offers service with a smile. The business should be willing to work with you if you have a product problem or multiple questions. Companies should return phone calls and emails promptly as well.


Having wooden pallets delivered on time is necessary to ensure no disruptions in the supply chain. For example, you’re bound to lose customers if you can’t get them products promptly. Stores won’t be able to keep items in stock, which includes essentials like baby formula. Check reviews and see what other customers have to say about their reliability.

Finding a company for a wooden moving crate or pallets can be challenging. However, you don’t have to worry about calling them all. We are reliable, offer wooden products, and our customer service is always delivered with a smile. Contact us at Anderson Pallet & Crate when you’re ready to discuss your pallet or crate needs.