Wood Crates & Containers

As the the leading wooden crates supplier in Denver, Colorado, we’ll help you figure out the right packaging and shipping requirements for all types of goods – from electronics to machinery, from contruction materials to food and beverages.

Contact us for a quote on custom wood boxes, crates, shipping containment systems and more.

Standard & Custom Pallets

With our decades of experience and adherence to quality, we offer a wide range of standard, custom and Euro-Spec wood pallets and skids to suit your unique packaging, transportation and storage needs.

Our pallet design software makes it seamless to design the wood shipping pallets your business requires to keep running smoothly.

Used & Recycled Pallets

We recover and repair used pallets, and have a large selection of recycled pallets for your next shipping or storage job.

Our team offers pallet pick up and storage at job sites, and diverts used pallets away from landfills. We then offer these used/recycled products at a lower rate for those businesses looking to save on their palletizing needs. 

No Minimum Orders!

We also produce:

  • Skids
  • Recycled/Used Skids
  • Customized Wooden Crates and Boxes, ranging from 6’’ to 70’ 
  • Pallet Collars
  • Mulch
  • Animal Bedding & Sawdust
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Anderson Pallet and Crate has been serving customers since 1982, and is your first choice for heat-treated wood products. Learn more about us [Here]
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