As your business grows and you start shipping more products overseas, you may find yourself asking if you need custom shipping crates. Shipping fragile or oddly shaped items can be tricky without the right containers to protect them. This is where having custom crates designed specifically for your products can make all the difference.

What Are Custom Container Crates?

Custom container crates, sometimes called shipping crates, are sturdy wooden or metal boxes made to securely hold and protect goods for ocean freight transport. Unlike regular cardboard boxes and packaging, heavy-duty shipping containers are built to precise specifications, so your unique products fit nicely inside. They are crafted to shield goods from shock, vibration, moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage them during transit.

Who Needs Custom Crates?

If you manufacture or sell large, delicate, or unusually shaped products, investing in custom container crates could save you time, money, and headaches down the road. Any business that frequently exports heavy equipment like generators, engines, and industrial pumps would benefit. Having a crate engineered specifically for oversized cargo ensures no shifting or tipping during loading and transport at sea. Businesses that export fragile wares such as artwork, ceramics, and glass objects would also want custom crates. A secure, padded interior prevents jostling and rubbing that causes chips, cracks, and breaks. Additionally, companies shipping awkwardly shaped goods like furniture, farm implements, and construction materials should consider custom crates. When cargo doesn’t neatly fit standard box sizes, custom crates keep awkward items protected and contained during transit.

What Are the Benefits?

Some top advantages of having custom overseas shipping crates rather than relying on typical skids and boxes include maximized space, enhanced protection, and improved efficiency. Containers built precisely for your products allow you to ship more goods in the same amount of space. This saves money on container rental fees and transport costs. Unlike generic crates and boxes, custom units are engineered based on your cargo dimensions, weight distribution, vulnerability, and other variables that affect safety. Specialized crates and loading configurations save substantial labor time when packing and loading.

Investing in custom overseas shipping crates upfront protects your valuable cargo and saves bigger headaches and expenses over the long haul. According to PalletOne, 95% of U.S. packaged products are shipped on pallets. 92% of those pallets are made from wood. If you’re looking to purchase container crates to ship your goods and products, let us help you find the ideal ones. Call us now to get started.