A custom shipping crate can be exactly what you need to improve how you do business. According to Expert Market Research, the pallet market in the United States is valued at about $24,420 million as of 2022. A nice portion of that market is for custom shipping crates. Read here to learn more about the benefits of this product.

1. A Better Fit

Custom crates are designed specifically to fit your shipping needs. If you are struggling to fill a standard off-the-shelf crate or find your typical shipment is a standard crate and a half, a custom shipping crate is the solution. A crate tailored to your needs is a more efficient shipping solution.

If you are shipping goods that don’t quite fill the crate, you are losing money on that shipment. Custom crates offer more efficient packing solutions. Ultimately, it leads to shipping cost savings.

2. Better Product Protection

Ensuring your products make it to the end user in pristine condition is easier with custom crates. Custom crates can be outfitted with dividers, cushioning, and more. These factors help to protect your products during shipping.

Sensitive or fragile items need added protection. Custom crate options can provide better protection. Less damage means fewer losses. Custom crates help you to save money and protect your business’s reputation.

3. Reduces Packaging Waste

A custom crate option can help you to better control waste. A crate that is designed to fit your specific shipping needs requires less “filler” to protect goods. Less packaging equates to less waste and less impact on the environment.

Reducing packaging waste saves money and is better for the environment. The less waste you generate with your shipping the better. By reducing the amount of waste generated, you reduce the amount of labor it takes to prepare for shipping. You also reduce the amount of space needed to prepare shipments. Custom crates can be a catalyst for more sustainable business practices.

Custom crates offer a wide range of benefits, including versatility. Crates can be designed for single use and multiple uses. These crates can be designed for easy disassembly to lay flat for storage, which means taking up less space in the warehouse. There are many reasons why businesses are choosing custom shipping crate options to enhance their shipping. Learn more today by calling Anderson Pallet & Crate now.