When it comes to shipping solutions, every business is different. When you need specific shipping criteria, custom wood pallets could be the answer. They’re already an effective and affordable shipping option, but with proper customizations, you can create an efficient shipping method for your specific needs and price range. With the national average of a core pallet being $4.50, according to Packaging Revolution, you may consider customization options to benefit your business’s bottom line. Let’s look at a few options to consider.

Dimension Adjustments

One of the most common ways to customize wood pallets is by adjusting dimensions, as they directly affect the efficiency of shipping. Correct sizing and dimensions are also crucial to ensure that inventory is safely packaged. If sizes are off, it could result in cargo slipping, moving, and getting damaged. You want all cargo held securely in place, and exact sizing will accomplish this.


You can also get custom shipping crates that are designed for reusability. This can make your shipping materials more cost-effective. It also helps to make your shipping more environmentally friendly and your business operations more sustainable. Many companies are trying now to take steps toward more sustainable business practices, and this is a great place to start.

Pallet Base Incorporation

Another way to customize your shipping pallet is to include a pallet base. A base can enhance the functionality of the pallet, as it allows for easy movement of the crate via forklifts or pallet jacks. This is a practical choice for very heavy items and large shipments. You can speak with custom wood pallet experts to find out what types of bases are available for your business needs.

Other Custom Features

Crates can include many features that help meet your specific needs of the item being shipped. Enclosure types are one option; a completely enclosed crate offers maximum protection from damage and the elements. Another option is removable panels, which allow for the easiest access to the cargo. This makes packing and unpacking more efficient. You can also consider hinged doors, as they give workers convenient access to contents.

These are just a few ways that custom wood pallets can positively influence your shipping efforts. If you’re looking for dependable and customizable shipping solutions for your business, contact our team at Anderson Pallet & Crate today.