Moving precious heirlooms and fragile valuables long distance can cause anxiety. You want assurance your items will arrive securely without damage. With careful planning and preparation, and properly fitted wooden moving crates, you can ship cherished belongings to your new home without mishaps. Here are tips for safely packing and transporting valuables.

Choose a Reputable Moving Company

The success of your move hinges on the quality and expertise of the movers you hire. Look for an established company with trained packers experienced in handling delicate items. Check reviews and ask for references to verify their track record. A reputable company will give suggestions about the best way to transport unusual items.

Allow Time for Careful Packing

Rushing the packing process invites mistakes and overlooked steps. Give yourself plenty of time to carefully wrap and cushion breakables using the proper materials. Don’t let movers feel pressured as they secure items in crates and boxes. Confirm they understand the priorities for delicate handling.

Use High-Quality Custom Crates

For maximum protection, invest in custom wooden moving crates sized to your items rather than relying on generic boxes. Natural solid wood with thick reinforced corners cushion better. Have crates built with interior straps, posts, and custom padding to immobilize the contents. According to PalletOne, worldwide, around $400 billion worth of American trade is exported on wood pallets and containers every year. The cost is warranted for fragile shipments.

Place Labels Strategically

Place “fragile” handling labels and directional arrows pointing up on every applicable side of crates and boxes, not just one spot. You want visibility in case different movers rotate hauling items. Also, indicate special instructions like not stacking heavy boxes on top of the crate. Remember that explicit labels reduce negligent mishandling.

Inspect the Packed Truck Yourself

Before the moving truck departs, inspect how cargo is loaded and secured. Look for spots that seem unstable or lack bracing for the long drive. Confirm fragile crates are arranged to avoid shifting weight distribution. Oversight provides peace of mind.

By selecting movers carefully, allowing them adequate time to work, purchasing quality crates and boxes, labeling thoroughly, and inspecting their work, you can feel confident your valuables will arrive in their new home damage-free. Don’t trust family heirlooms to chance – take every precaution. If you’re looking to transport items and need wooden moving crates, reach out to Anderson Pallet & Crate today.