Wooden pallets may seem like a simple moving supply, but they impact many aspects of the industries in which they’re used. In fact, according to Future Market Insights, the market value of wooden crates is $997.5 million. They contribute heavily to the food industry, as crates are used to ensure goods are moved from point A to point B safely. Let’s take a look at how wooden moving crates affect the food industry.

Ensures Food Safety

Within the global food industry, many rules and regulations are influenced by government agencies. There have been many requirements set in place for the manufacturing, processing, and usage of wooden pallets. Pallets keep food safe and sanitary by providing a clean and hygienic surface. This helps to prevent food contamination.

Prevents Physical Damage

Many food items require protection from physical damage as well. High-quality wooden moving crates can help in this respect. When food is properly protected, it ensures that industries don’t lose money from damaged inventory and that there is more supply available to customers.

Reduces Direct Contact

The goal of transporting food is to cut down on as much direct contact between the food and the ground as possible. When boxed or canned food comes into contact with the ground, it can pick up contaminants and germs. Wooden moving crates create a barrier between the packages and the ground. This keeps inventory in good shape for the next step of the journey.

Improves Risk Management

Wooden moving crates are also useful in the food industry for risk management, which applies to various sectors. In the food industry, food risks must be managed carefully; this can be challenging when inventory is passed through many locations and under the supervision of various organizations. It can be difficult to manage the risks when you aren’t directly with the inventory. However, with the usage of high-quality crates, it’s easier to control such risk factors.

These are just a few things you should know about wooden moving crates in the food industry. If you’d like to learn more about moving solutions for your industry or business, please contact our experienced and reliable team at Anderson Pallet & Crate today. Based out of Sedalia, CO, we provide quality packaging solutions for timely deliveries.