Believe it or not, investing in a custom shipping crate is a great way for your business to save money. Whether you’re in need of small, specialty crates for beverages, or a single shipping crate for your heavy, 40,000 pound piece of equipment, Anderson Pallet and Crate is the right choice for your business needs. Even though a custom shipping crate initially cost more than standard options, in the long-run, they can actually save you and your business thousands of dollars. If you are trying to cut costs and enhance your brand image, consider Anderson Pallet and Crate for providing a wide variety of custom options at a fair price.

Save Money, One Shipping Crate at a Time

  • Investing in a custom shipping crate means you are providing high-quality protection for your products. By choosing a custom-built packaging solution, you’ll in-turn decrease the amount of damaged goods. The savings comes from the ability to deliver products safely at every stage of transportation.
  • Safe transportation and delivery is just as important as the product itself. Customer satisfaction can certainly be linked to first-rate transportation. A custom shipping crate provides the highest-level of protection, which gives your customers trust in your business. Delivering on your product and reputation increases customer retention and acquisition.
  • Our custom shipping crates come in all sizes. Our team can expertly craft extra-large industrial crates, small boxes and everything in-between. Having custom size options for your products can guarantee just the right fit, which means you will also be saving on additional packing materials, such as styrofoam or bubble wrap.
  • Shipping fees are often calculated based on package volume, rather than just weight. Therefore, using an oversized box actually costs more money. Basing shipping fees on dimensional weight makes shipping costs more expensive for retailers, because they’re also paying for the extra empty container space. With most businesses transitioning into using dimensional weight, it might be the right time for you to consider Anderson Pallet and Crate as a less expensive way to ship your products.
  • While the initial cost of custom-built shipping crates is higher, many businesses find it’s vastly offset by the long-term savings. We work to help you avoid damage, replacement, and lost clients.

Find Out More About the Custom Shipping Crate Products We Have to Offer

Call us today to learn more about custom shipping crate options from our experienced team. Customize your shipping options, enhance your brand image, and save money for your business. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right crate for the right price, so you can focus more on your business and allow us to take care of your shipping needs.