Wood pallets are one of the most popular structures for shipping products. They’re versatile, inexpensive, and quite durable — the same reasons why they’ve also become the favorite building material of DIY-ers. So if you’ve got pallets that you won’t be using for shipping or storage anymore, don’t throw them away! Pallet uses are many and below are just a few.


1. Plant Shelf

This rustic plant shelf is one of the simplest projects you can work on. The lamp serves to highlight your plant display, but you can also replace it with more shelves instead. Put herb pots on the shelves and hang the unit inside your kitchen for easy access while cooking.


2. Bed

Bring a touch of vintage to your bedroom to cozy the look up. For example, this grey and orange bedroom’s industrial design is softened by the addition of a pallet bed and pallet side tables.


3. Garden Features

Something as easy as painting pallets and setting them up in your garden as a platform for your chairs can transform your background into a more inviting space. Functional, attractive, and cheap. 


4. Outdoor Pallet Sofa Set

This sofa and table set can make the outdoors a friendlier place to spend time in during the hot summer season. Bring out a book here and coffee to drink. It’s also perfect for hanging out with friends.


5. Accent Wall

You can infuse your room with a rustic cabin vibe and also add a focal point by putting up a pallet accent wall. Simply attach boards to your wall then attach the pallet planks to the boards in a staggered fashion, instead of having two seams directly above each other.


6. Pallet Wall Planter

A wall planter is perfect for maximizing small spaces in backyards. It’s also great for beautifying walls, particularly if you fill them with a variety of flowers.


7. Wooden House Sign

Wood signs add character to a room without breaking the bank. You only need a few small planks of pallets, some nails, paintbrush, paint, and your favorite quote!


8. Swing

Using a rope or chain, you can transform a pallet into a nice canopy swing. Add some plush cushions for a comfy way to watch the view or sunset.


9. Desktop Shelving

A desktop shelving lessens the clutter on top of your work table and gives you more room for storage.


10. Bike Rack

Instead of leaning your bike on the wall or hanging it up, a bike rack will let your bike rest comfortably — and in style. Below is one of the easiest bike rack styles to make, although you can find plenty more on Pinterest or via Google. 


Pallet uses are endless, limited only by your creativity and imagination. 

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