There’s no big secret to how goods get from one point to another. They require packaging, crating, and loading onto the backs of different forms of transportation. Most will go via a tractor trailer but they need to be prepared to make the journey and be handled accurately afterward. Here’s a closer look at how goods go from point A to point B without damage.

Preparing Goods for Shipping

Goods must be prepared for shipping before they can head out on the road. After all, you don’t want to just place items loosely in the back of a truck and hope they stay intact throughout the journey. You also need to maximize the space, which shipping crates and pallets enable you to do. According to Business Wire, the global pallet market will be worth $79 billion in 2028. That’s because shipping crates and pallets are terrific for organizing goods and securing them on a moveable and durable platform.

Loading and Unloading

Once the items are secured on a pallet or in a shipping crate, they need to be loaded onto the back of a trailer. If a trailer isn’t readily available, they have to go into a pallet rack while awaiting the arrival of an empty trailer into which they can be loaded. A forklift typically lifts the crated or palletized goods into a storage rack and lowers them when they’re ready to move onto the back of a trailer for their journey to point B.

Warehouse Storing

Once the items arrive at point B, they might still have another leg of the journey before arriving at their final destination. Pallets and shipping crates continue to protect the items against damage while keeping them secured on a moveable platform that enables efficient storage and transportation. The less time spent in warehouse storage, the less likely those items will suffer damage or other common forms of loss while they are still in the supply chain.

Final Distributing

Once the goods arrive at their final destination, they are ready for distribution. You can remove them from the pallets or other types of shipping containers and prepare them for sale. As long as they were packaged correctly, damage should be minimal.

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