We offer a variety of custom wood packaging for all types of products. When you need to ship your business’s products, you want to rest assured they’ll arrive undamaged. As a business owner, you may ask yourself, “Where to buy wood pallets near me?” Finding the right wood pallet and crate manufacturer can be a daunting process. As a family-owned business with decades of experience making wood shipping products, we strive to ensure all your products are fully protected when being shipped.

Wooden Crates And Pallets

If you are in charge of shipping your products, you want to be able to count on a partner that has the experience and expertise to design the right wood shipping products for your specific product. Our wooden crates and pallets are top quality you can count on. Anderson Pallet and Crate offers personalized service and can create wooden pallets, shipping crates and wood skids, custom to your needs.

Packaging Pallets

In a global economy, many businesses ship internationally and require packaging pallets and crates. Even for many domestic shipments, large wood shipping crates or pallets are a great solution that can help prevent your products from getting damaged in transit. We can work directly with your logistics and shipping managers to help design the best wooden shipping containers for your needs. Our packaging crates for shipping are an affordable option that can help protect your goods.

Our family-owned business works with pallet design software to ensure accuracy when manufacturing wood shipping products. You can count on our team and shipping solutions to be of the highest quality standards. If you’ve been wondering where to find a wood pallet distributor or manufacturer, look no further. We have full shipping solutions and even use wood that comes from farms, and not forests. We also carry a variety of used wood pallets that can be purchased at reduced pricing. Contact us today for an initial consultation and see how we can help your business!