Knowing where to buy wood pallets, shipping crates and wooden shipping skids can be a challenge. You want to work with a company with a reputation and history of making high quality shipping containers and pallets. Anderson Pallet and Crate has been manufacturing quality shipping solutions for over three decades. Our professional staff can help design the perfect wood pallets, wood crates, or skid designed for your products. We know getting your products to your client without damage is a top priority of any business – and it’s ours too.

Avoid the aftermath of improper packaging

It’s our job to ensure your products arrive in the same shape they left in. Improper packaging or poor packing materials can lead to defects and damage during the shipping journey. In the event of a defect, two major things that may happen are:

  • Customer dissatisfaction: It’s our goal to protect the manufacturer-customer relationship by custom-building pallets that maximize safety and efficiency. We want you to in trust us, and know that your customers will trust you, too.
  • Loss of revenue: Replacement is costly, in both materials and labor hours. Reduce the risk of damage by using shipping pallets that were made specifically for your products.

Buy Wood Pallets To Ship Your Products Domestically And Internationally

Peace of mind when shipping your company’s’ goods is invaluable. Transporting heavy-duty machines or goods requires the use of an affordable quality wood pallet or wooden crate. Practically every industry has a specific type of wooden pallet that is right for them, and it’s our job to build the custom wood pallet that’s right for you. Anderson Pallet and Crate products are tested and trusted over the years by companies in need of the best of wooden products for proper packaging of goods; our products are always durable and of the highest quality.

When you find yourself asking ‘Where can I buy wood pallets near me?’ you’ll find excellent prices and quality standards at Anderson Pallet and Crate. We’re ready to help design the right wood packaging solution for your business with state of the art pallet design software that helps ensure specifications are followed precisely. After getting the best quality of wooden pallets, you can ship your products where they need to go with peace of mind knowing you’re using the best possible pallets to get them there.