Knowing where to buy wood pallets, shipping crates and wooden shipping skids can be a challenge. You want to work with a company that has been around and is known to make high quality shipping containers and pallets. Colorado Industrial Wood Products has been manufacturing quality shipping solutions for over three decades. Their professional staff can help design the perfect wooden pallet, wood crate or skid that is designed for your type of products. Getting products to the client without damage should be a top priority of any business.

The success of any business is found in the ability to appeal to their customers in every facet. It may be the ease of transactions, customer service efficiency and most importantly delivering customers products in excellent shape, without any damage. Defects in products may be incurred during transportation, due to improper packaging or using the wrong packing materials to ship products. In the event of a defect, two major things that may happen are:

  • Dissatisfaction: In a scenario, where a company that has a stipulated time to complete a project placed an order for a particular machine from the manufacturer, but due to poor packaging materials, the shipment got damaged before the company could take delivery of their consignment. What do you think will be the implications of their project and perception of the manufacturer?  That may be the last time they will ever patronize such manufacturer.
  • Loss of revenue: The manufacturer will have to recall any defected products, and also possibly replace. Surely the manufacturer will incur extra expenses, which is not suitable for any establishment.

Quality Wood Pallets To Ship Your Products Domestically And Internationally

Peace of mind when shipping your company’s’ goods can be invaluable. Transporting heavy duty machines or goods requires the use of an affordable quality wood pallet or wooden crate. For the sake of emphasis, Pallets are platforms or stands that are used for transporting and storing goods. They are widely used in industrial applications like the export of chemicals, grains, pharmaceuticals, electronics, perishables, and other types of products for proper protection from damage during transit. Practically every industry has a specific type of wooden pallet that is right for them.

Wooden shipping crates are very popular for shipping different types of items. There are a variety of goods that shippers always transport from one part of the world to another. Whatever be the case, they must use a wood pallet as a platform for proper packaging. This is something that is very important to figure out when they are shipping their products. Everybody has a different option to consider. Colorado Industrial Wood Products are tested and trusted over the years by the majority of companies that need the best of wooden products for proper packaging of goods; our products are always durable and of the highest quality.

There are many different kinds of shipping options available to choose from. When people are using the option of the wooden pallet, the question that may be top of mind is, ‘Where can I get pallets for sale near me?’ You can find some of the best prices and quality standards at Colorado Industrial Wood Products. After getting the best quality of wooden pallets you can ship your products where they need to go, without worrying about substandard pallets failing.

For many products, wood shipping pallets, wooden crates or wood shipping skids are the perfect packaging solution. Some companies use wood pallets to put several different types of cases on, while other companies use them to move the larger industrial products. This is important, because wooden pallets are relatively efficient and can be cheaper, regardless of what your needs are,

Colorado Industrial Wood Products is ready to help design the right wood packaging solution for your business. State of the art pallet design software can help ensure specifications are followed precisely.