Why Is Pallet Wood So Great For Recycled Projects?

Shipping companies frequently utilize pallet wood for crating because they are sturdy, affordable, and can be used over and over again. Pallets, when well maintained, can last for  years. Because they are so versatile, people use them in many ways, instead of just throwing them out once they are no longer fit for use in shipping. 

Pallets can be turned into fuel, mulch, and recently many people have started using pallet wood for DIY crafts, projects, and even home renovations! 

In this blog post, we’re outlining 5 ways to reuse your pallet wood.

How to Check if Your Pallet Wood Is Safe For Reuse

Before you start crafting, there are a few things you need to check to make sure that the wood you have is safe to use inside the home:

  1. Check if it has a stamp or not. If a pallet wood doesn’t contain stamps, it means that it was used for transport within the U.S. Most domestic use pallets have not been treated with chemicals and are safe to reuse.
  2. See if it is clean. Some pallets have been contaminated by spilled chemicals. If you see signs of a spill, do not use it, especially if you cannot identify what substance it was.
  3. If it has a stamp, try looking up the codes on the stamp. At the top right corner of the stamp is a two-number country code followed by a dash and the registration number. At the bottom part is the treatment code. 

Common treatment codes are: DB (debarked), HT (heat-treated), KN (kiln-dried), and MB (methyl bromide). Debarked, heat-treated, and kiln-dried pallets are safe to use, but steer clear from pallets that have the MB mark on them. It means that a potent pesticide was used to fumigate the wood.

To be totally safe, it is best to use pallet wood that you’ve gotten from a trusted source who can tell you exactly where the pallets came from and what they were used for. 

Creative DIYs and Home Projects

Now that you’ve determined that the pallet you have is safe to reuse, it’s time to start getting your DIY project done. Here are some creative ways to reuse your wood.

1. Rustic Pallet Wood Clock


Step 1: Cut the wood into manageable sizes. Fit them tightly together and join them at the back using two strips of wood and screws. 

Step 2: Trace either a circle or square shape (whichever clock shape you prefer) around the joined wood and cut with a jigsaw. 

Step 3: Sand the edges and seams, then apply a wood stain. 

Step 4: Print off the clock numbers in a font that you like, cut, and place on top of the wood. Trace around the paper to get the shape, then paint the numbers around your clock.

Step 5: Purchase a clock mechanism. If you want to keep the clock only as decor, glue in the clock hands to tell your favorite time. However, if you want it to be fully functional, drill a hole in the center of your clock, insert the hands at the front to reach the mechanism at the back, and then screw in the cap. 

2. Beachy Pallet Wood Towel Holder

Step 1: Take one piece of board from a pallet. Keep the board’s natural color to make it seem more like driftwood. The more imperfect the board, the better.

Step 2: Attach pretty bath hooks to the board. 

Step 3: Mount on your bathroom wall.

3. Simple Pallet Wood Bike Rack


Step 1: Choose a pallet with enough space between the boards to fit a bike tire in.

Step 2: A pallet has three supporting beams, one in the center and two on each side. Cut the pallet in half along the length of the supporting beam in the center. (Don’t cut the supporting beam in the center. Just alongside it.)

Step 3: After cutting, one of the halves will have a supporting beam on both sides. The other half will have only one. Insert a piece of wood (cut to length and width) between the planks of the pallet half with one beam. Nail it down. Now you’ll have two pallets with supporting beams on each side.

Step 4: Keep one pallet flat on the ground. Prop the other pallet vertically and to the side of the pallet on the ground to form a 90-degree angle.

Step 5: Secure the two pallets together, but make sure that the spaces between the boards of the two pallets line up. You may also add side supports that run diagonally from one pallet to the other. 

4. Modern Wall-Mounted Pallet Wood Plant Holder


Step 1: Separate the top layer of the pallet from the bottom layer, making sure to keep the supporting beams intact.

Step 2: Sand the wood and apply stain or paint.

Step 3: Mount vertically on a wall. Attach simple, adjustable hooks around the pallet wood to accommodate your plants. You can also do something like this with your clothing accessories like coats, hats, and belts.

5. Pallet Wood Garden Pathway


Step 1: Choose thick pallet boards for your pathway. Apply anti-slip wood coating to them.

Step 2: Dig a level pathway. Place the boards next to each other on top of the soil. 

Step 3: Embed the pallet wood boards into the soil so that they don’t move around much. You can also place sand or gravel below the boards. 

Finding Pallets In Your Area

Are you interested in locating pallets in your area for your own DIY and home renovation projects?

Most large businesses that use pallets for shipping purposes (such as Lowe’s and Home Depot) have removal solutions in place, and it’s against their store policies to give away pallets or pallet wood.

A great place to start your search for is smaller businesses that use pallet wood for shipping resources, but don’t have a disposal service set up. You can usually find great, reusable pallets at small local garden centers, hardware stores, newspaper companies, and the like. 


Always Ask Permission

Always make sure you ASK before you take pallets from businesses. Even if they’re leaned up next to the dumpster, you can never be sure they’re intended for disposal. Make sure you’ve asked permission from the business owner before you remove anything from the premises.

If you would like to place a pallet wood order directly, contact us or fill out an online order form today!