Pallets are used in different industries in a variety of ways. You may need the best skid pallets for storing fragile products or lightweight pallets for transporting light goods. Before you finalize your purchase of pallets, consider the following.


To make sure you’re getting the best skid pallets for your needs, make sure you obtain the correct size. Note that each industry has a standard size of pallets that they use to make things easier. You can use this information to narrow down where you will source for pallets so you can get the right pallets fast.


Depending on what you’re getting pallets for, you will want to ensure that they’re durable enough. If you want pallets that will withstand harsh weather conditions, purchase Grade 1 pallets, as these are of the best quality. For pallets that will be subjected to lighter use but need to look appealing in displays, Grade 2 pallets will work well and also cost a bit less.


Stamps and markings on pallets show where they were used and the treatments that they underwent. For example, “DB” means the pallets are made from debarked wood while “MB” stands for Methyl Bromide, indicating that a pesticide was used on the pallets. “HT” stands for heat-treated while “KN” stands for kiln-dried. Knowing these codes will come in handy when you’re choosing which pallets to buy for your specific use.


Wooden pallets can either be made from hardwood or softwood, and each has their own pros and cons. Softwood pallets are cheaper because they’re more easily available, but they can only withstand a light load capacity. Hardwood, on the other hand, is pricier but more durable and can transport heavier items. It’s also heavier itself, and this adds to the final weight of your items. Therefore, to find the best skid pallets for your use, make sure you know the right material to use.

Make the considerations above to find the best skid pallets, and you will enjoy your investment. With new 48″ x 40″ pallets sold for between $11 and $12.50 each, used ones are a bit more affordable at about half this price and treated ones around a dollar more. Research before you buy so you get pallets that will meet your needs and your set budget.