Before buying any amount of container crates, you should make a checklist of what you need to verify before making your purchase. Communicating with your manufacturer of choice about shipping fees, internal budget, estimated times of arrival, and product quality should be verified and double-checked before buying wooden cargo crates. Let’s run through a checklist that will set you up for shipping success.

1. Timeline

It’s crucial to have a set timeline for when moving day comes, when production starts, or when deliveries need to be made. Organizing your schedule to align with the manufacturer’s capabilities will set you up for a smooth packing and moving process.

3. Budgeting

Setting a realistic budget early on will give you parameters to set around your shipping needs. Flexibility is important, as you may find your circumstances and shipping needs changing. Your budget should include the cost of units needed, shipping fees, and how quickly the manufacturer can supply you with wooden cargo crates. Be sure to do proper research into the prices of the crates you need. For example, 48” x 40” pallets tend to be priced between $11 to $12.50 each at Anderson Pallet & Crate. If you end up selecting used pallets of the same size, then they will cost you around half the price. For international shipments, treated ones will cost you approximately a dollar more. This level of detailing is crucial during this process.

Choice of Manufacturer

When selecting a manufacturer for container crates, you should feel confident that your specifications are being met with quality shipping crates. There’s peace of mind in knowing that your items will be properly secured by a reliable company. It would be in your best interest to investigate the structural specifications of the crates, the company’s quality assurance manual, and online testimonials. Proof of quality will go a long way in your manufacturer’s decision. Moving forward with a company that you know shippers and movers can trust is vital.

This checklist is essential for ensuring you are making a responsible purchase decision with a company that manufactures high-quality custom wood crates, wood pallets, and skid pallets for all of your needs. Whether you’re moving offices, homes, or company products, it’s wise to thoroughly research your needs for the smoothest moving and shipping process. Get in touch with us today to order wooden cargo crates.