They’re one of the most essential ways of packing anything from small fragile objects to large and heavy machinery. They’re extremely versatile and very popular with the shipping and manufacturing industries and you can find them anywhere from homes to grocery stores and lumber yards. We’re talking about wooden shipping crates.

What makes a wooden shipping crate the preferred mode of transportation for many? Here are five reasons:

1. They’re strong and sturdy.

Wood shipping crates have self-supporting structures that make them stronger and much more durable for shipping than plastic crates or simple wooden boxes. Since their build helps them withstand enormous vertical pressure, these crates made from wood can also be easily stacked together. Plastic crates are more susceptible to rough handling, while simple wooden boxes won’t give your product enough support.

2. They’re an affordable way to ship.

Wood is more easily sourced than other materials. It also costs less to turn wood into shipping crates, requiring less processes to do so. Since their manufacture is cheaper, they’re a more cost-effective way for industries to ship products when compared to plastic or metal. Some are even built to be reusable, which reduces the cost per trip even more.

3. They’re good for the environment.

Wood crates can be recycled or repurposed. If you’ve ever been to a DIY site, chances are that you’ve seen a project that utilizes a used wooden shipping crate for use as a plant box or furniture item.
Wood crates that are too damaged to be repurposed are usually turned into compost, mulch, fuel, and even animal bedding, which means less material to fill up our landfills.

If used wood shipping crates do turn up in landfills, it will only take them several years to decompose. Unlike plastic containers which can take thousands of years to do so.

4. They’re reusable.

There are wooden crates specifically built for more than one-time usage, and those are designed for long-term utilization. If any part is damaged or broken, it can easily be repaired or replaced with a new part. The crates can also be broken down and rebuilt, in case your transportation requirements change.

5. They’re customizable.

Crates shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. They must be customizable to fit whatever item you need to put inside them. For that reason, wooden shipping crates are better than their plastic or metal counterparts. Not only can you have them made to your exact specifications, you can also specify the type of wood you’ll need, depending on your budget and needs.

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