When it comes to transporting your heavy industrial equipment, you want to find the right team for the job. Not every crating company has the capabilities or the expertise that qualifies them to handle large machinery. Manufacturing pallets and crates for over 30 years, Anderson Pallet and Crate is a company that you can trust with any and all of your various packaging needs.

Shipping heavy industrial equipment is a big task, and our team has the experience and the craftsmanship to handle your heavy pieces of machinery. When it comes to protecting your valuable goods, teaming up with a company you can trust and rely on is the smartest thing you can do for your products and business.

Wooden Crates for Durability

Wooden crating is often the best form of protection when it comes to shipping heavy industrial equipment. Industrial machinery often contains valuable or sensitive components, and ensuring complete safety can be a tricky task. Wooden crates are designed to be highly durable, and provide optimal support for large items.

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, our wooden crates are built to the highest standard to protect your expensive products and to secure your items expertly. Made from the best quality material, our wooden crates, are designed to withstand tremendous weight and size. Beyond this, our skilled professionals have years of experience with the proper technique of packing large equipment and machinery. It’s what we do. You can order with confidence knowing the entire packaging process will be handled by an experienced team.

Customizing Wooden Crates

Our durable wooden crates are custom designed to protect a wide array of products, including large, cumbersome equipment. Often the products we transport are fragile, expensive, valuable, or all of the above. Customization can be a great way to ensure the safety of these items. With just the right fit, your products have a much greater chance of arriving on time and in perfect condition.

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, not only do we have custom sizes, but we also offer custom inserts that will provide that extra support your large equipment needs. Whether you are business sending a bulk order across seas, or a small business looking to send one piece of equipment, we can meet your specific needs.

International Shipping Standards

International shipping laws and requirements are not the same in every country, and vary greatly among different destinations. If you are shipping abroad, it is extremely important to be aware of these regulations and the specifications that are required.

When it comes to shipping heavy industrial equipment, it’s important to be knowledgeable in the international shipping requirements. Anderson Pallet and Crate is familiar with these standards and has experience with packaging for international shipping. Choosing a company with our background can ensure a smooth transportation process.

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Contact our sales team to learn more about wood crating your shipment today. Whether you are shipping heavy industrial equipment or even a small, valuable item, you will want to partner with a team you trust and has the experience to meet your specific needs.