Business owners know the value of choosing the best shipping option for their products. A well-packed item is more likely to reach its destination in excellent condition — free from the damage that weather, dirt, dust, moisture, and moving itself can inflict on a product. Wood crates have become popular for this reason because they’re great at transporting goods safely at minimal cost.

There are currently two options for shipping with wood crates. One is to use a regulation-sized crate, and the other is to have a custom crate especially made. Regulation or standard wood crates are often used for common items that are easy to pack neatly onto predetermined-sized boxes. These items are usually non-fragile and regular-shaped. 

On the other hand, a customized crate is used when transporting goods that can’t be shipped properly using conventional packaging. 

Reasons You Might Need a Custom Crate

  1. Safety and Support

A custom crate provides enough protection, stability, and support for valuable items regardless of the shipping method used. No matter what size the product is, a customized packaging will be able to distribute the weight evenly to ensure that your goods will not break on their way to their destination.  

  1. Built to Size

Irregular-shaped or sized items will be hard to fit into regular-sized packaging. A customized crate, however, will be built according to the exact dimensions of your product and the proper protection it requires. Anything that won’t fit into regular-sized packaging or are too valuable (e.g., fragile items such as artwork, heirlooms, and sculptures or cumbersome ones like a piano, pool table, or machinery equipment) can be custom-crated.

  1. No Shifting

Because they’re customized to an item’s specific dimensions, the crate’s sides, top, and bottom are able to hold the product tightly to reduce shifting during transport. This also reduces the amount of padding needed to fill all gaps and spaces between the item and the crate.

  1. Reduced Cost

While custom crates may seem the more expensive option, the payback can be quick, particularly if you’re dealing with frequent shipping damage. A perfectly optimized shipping crate can reduce damage rates down to zero. Since it’s also made to fit your specific product, a custom crate also reduces waste and uses the least amount of resources. Plus, if it’s designed to be reusable, your savings can increase exponentially. 

  1. Ease of Movement and Storage

Custom-made crates will protect your goods fully, making loading and unloading them easier and speedier and cutting shipping time down. Crates can also be designed to be stackable to allow for an improved and more efficient way of storing them. 

Do you have a custom order?

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