The materials used in shipping matter. Wooden shipping materials have been a go-to solution for businesses for generations. Future Market Insights estimates that the value of wooden crates is $997 million. Let’s look at some reasons why this type of shipping material and product are still an important option today.


Generations past knew instinctively that you needed to avoid waste. Our ancestors may not have called that sustainability, but they knew that common sense teaches you that you can’t waste your resources and succeed. Wooden shipping was both convenient and non-wasteful and it still is today. Shipping crates made from wood provide a reusable shipping material that is also biodegradable. When it is combined with other sustainable shipping practices, a company can start to take steps toward developing a greener supply chain and reducing its carbon footprint.


Not only does wooden shipping make sense from a sustainability perspective, but it also makes sense from a practical perspective as well. Wooden crates are very reliable. This type of crate is made to be strong and secure. They can take the abuse that a cargo load would experience during an average shipment. Many of the stressors that the load might be exposed to could damage the cargo inside, which makes protecting it so important. This method provides the necessary protection to ensure that the cargo isn’t damaged at all. There is also very little chance of cargo falling off of transport vehicles when it’s properly sealed up in wooden crates.


This method is also an affordable option. In order to keep overall prices down, it’s important to have shipping methods in place that are also affordable. When shipping is expensive, that cost gets passed right on to the customers. It’s very difficult to keep prices reasonable when such a large budget is dedicated to shipping. If affordable shipping is a priority, you will want to consider shipping in wooden crates. This method is often far less expensive than other methods.

Easy To Handle

This timeless option rarely requires any type of special training for shipping workers. Most workers are familiar with how to handle wooden crates and if they aren’t, the training is quick and easy. This shipping method also provides increased safety to workers, as it is much safer than alternatives.

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