In any industry, packaging and product shipment is a significant concern. Your choice depends on the product type you are packaging in terms of size, bulkiness, weight, and shape. You pick your containers depending on the shipping requirements and materials used to make them. Pallets and crates pose the best choice to make for your transporting needs. Now, here are the reasons why pallets and crates are great for any industry.

Superior Strength

Pallets and crates are strong enough to ship heavy items compared to other shipping boxes, meaning your industrial crates can comfortably transport products without breaking. Crates are the best option to transport fragile products with no or less product damage. Replacement and repair costs are, in turn, kept low.

Maximum Protection

Crates and pallets add more cushion to the products during transit. Most crates have lid options, tie-down anchors, and strong walls to protect items from moisture, dirt, and water. They also have padding to transport expensive goods, which are easily susceptible to damage safely.

Cost Effectiveness

To reduce costs, you must reconsider the transport containers you use for product shipment. Wooden containers are cheap to buy, hence they are widely used in the United States. According to Palletone, 95% of packaged products in the U.S are shipped using pallets, 92% of which are wooden. Wooden crates and pallets are more cost-effective and readily available than other containers.

Reusability and Recyclability

Most industries strain using easily reusable products for environmental protection and cost reduction. Your enterprise can use pallets and crates for general use to ship various items. Hence, if your industry deals with different product types, they’re the best for your consideration.

Ease of Transportation

Pallets and crates make the overall transportation process easy and fast. You can stack them on each other, maximizing space in the shipment vehicle. They also make the total weighing of common goods easy.

Redesigning Options

You may need to customize your containers to fit your product characteristics. Crates and pallets give you a chance to tailor and redesign different possibilities. After reconstruction, they ease the loading and offloading of items on and from transit containers. Proper crate designs enhance stacking on each other.

A combination of pallets and crates is one of the vital components of your shipping process. Depending on your product type, buy pallets and crates aligning with your shipping needs. As evidenced by the pros above, they’re an excellent consideration for your industry. Contact Anderson Pallet & Crate for more information on pallets and crates for uncountable benefits to your industry.