When considering your shipping and packaging options, pallets and crates have their own unique features and uses.

While a wood pallet serves as a horizontal platform with a top and bottom deck, a crate will contain their entire shipment within four sides. Knowing the physical differences though, may not be enough to know which shipping option is best for your product. Exploring the different features of wooden pallets and crates will help to simplify the process!

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are horizontal platforms that provide stability for products. While there are standard pallet sizes, there are also a variety of custom shapes and sizes available. If you are transporting a product with a unique shape or size, customization could be your best option. Wooden pallets are both stackable and collapsible, which maximizes space and makes handling more efficient.


  • Wood pallets can easily be customized to design a perfect fit for the item you are shipping. This is especially convenient for products will a unique size, shape, weight, or fragility.
  • Can be easily stacked, stored, and transported. This feature is especially appealing if you a carrier.
  • Shrink wrap can be added to create additional support and stability.
  • Eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. From cradle to grave, wooden pallets are environmentally friendly. Once the pallets are no longer reusable for transportation, they can be repurposed, upcycled or chipped into mulch.
  • An individual can move the wooden pallets easily with a forklift, which makes the task a simple, one-man job. This not only limits exposure to injury but also increases efficiency.
  • Wooden pallets are able to hold a tremendous amount of weight. They are capable of supporting about 2,205 lbs.

Wood Crates

Wooden crates are one of the most durable of packaging materials. Unlike a wooden pallet with is a horizontal structure, a wooden crate is an enclosed box with four sides. Wooden crates are one the most reliable and secure means of transportation. They have a solid build, and can easily protect the commodities inside.


  • Great for overseas because wooden crates can protect consumer goods from harsh and unpredictable climate or weather conditions. This could include temperature, humidity,  dust, etc.
  • Wooden crates offer a reliable and strong form of protection and can secure your most fragile or valuable items.
  • A reusable and earth-friendly shipping option.
  • Easy to handle. With a forklift or a pallet jack, wooden crates can be easily moved around and transported from carts to ships.

To find out more about wooden crates and pallets, it might be helpful to contact a professional. Anderson Pallet and Crate can answer all your questions and help you choose what is best for your business. Although both are great options, one might be more fitting for your particular shipping needs. For more information, you can contact our team today!