There are many great options for obtaining pallets, ranging from free and used pallets, to the purchase of new custom pallets from a reputable manufacturer. If you find yourself asking “Where can I get pallets?” the answer is…well…lots of places.

Here are some great spots to begin the search process:

Small local shops and facilities 

Large businesses often recycle their pallets internally, which makes them hard to attain. Smaller, local shops and facilities often are easier to buy from.

Hardware, furniture, and equipment stores are a solid option for finding used, standard pallets. These stores often receive pallets with their shipments, so they typically have a large supply. Not all of these pallets will be free of charge, however. Every facility or shop will have different rules that they go by.

Food and pet supply stores often use pallets to ship their products. With these type of stores, calling or visiting during their shipment periods could result in free to low-cost standard pallets. However, there will be little-to-no quality control for these pallets.

Schools can also be a good source for pallets. In schools, pallets are often used for paper, books, and shipping supplies. If they don’t have agreements to return the pallets to their vendors, they can be another good source for used pallets.

Pallet Recyclers

Pallet recyclers often receive high-quality but non-conforming pallets that they have no use for. You might be able to go to one of these facilities and purchase a pallet for little to no charge.

Why Choose Anderson Pallet and Crate?

The search for old pallets can be a lengthy, and difficult process. When it comes down to it, purchasing new pallets from a reputable manufacturer can be the smartest, safest and most reliable choice for your business.

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, you can customize your pallets. We have the capability to define your requirements for the structure and durability for your wood pallets. This is especially important when dealing with fragile, heavy, or uniquely shaped items.

Customization can provide the proper protection for your goods and can reduce or even eliminate the amount of damaged goods.

Lastly, choosing a reputable manufacturer for your pallets, rather than finding free pallets, means you have a range of special options. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, heat treatment is a great option for wooden pallets, which can can reduce costs and prevent the spread of pests.

Choosing to purchase pallets from Anderson Pallet and Crate means selecting high-quality wood and production. We use nothing but the highest quality materials, and provide optimal protection for your most valuable goods.

Not all pallets are created equal. Picking the right manufacturer for your business is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.