Not all pallets are created equal. Finding the right wood pallet for your business is an important decision, and at Anderson Pallet and Crate, it is not a decision we take lightly. We provide only the highest-quality material, and whether you end up choosing standard or custom shipping options, our satisfaction guarantee is the same.

Choosing customization can end up reducing costs for your business in the long run. When a product is properly secured, you can actually reduce the amount of excessive packaging, and eliminate waste. Customization may be exactly what you need for your business to start cutting costs today.

However, customization is not cost effective or even necessary for all products, and making this decision can be tricky. You may not know whether custom or standard pallets are right for your business, but having some basic guidelines and background information will help you make an informed decision.


Standard Pallet Sizes

Standard pallet sizes actually vary depending on your region in the world. In the United States, the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association developed a system that is used often, which sizes the pallets to accommodate consumer packaged goods. Below, is a list of standard pallet sizes for different industries in North America.

  • Telecommunications and Paint: 42” × 42”
  • Grocery: 48” x 40”
  • Drums: 48” × 48”
  • Military and Cement: 40″× 48”
  • Chemicals and Beverage: 48” × 42”
  • Dairy:  40”× 40”
  • Automotive: 48” × 45”
  • Drums and Chemicals: 44” × 44”
  • Beverage: 36” × 36”
  • Beverage, Shingles, and Packaged Paper: 48” × 36”
  • Military ½ ISO Container: 35” × 45.5”
  • Retail: 48” × 20”



Custom Pallets

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we use LoadSync© software which allows our customers to specify the exact requirements for their structure and identify the proper durability. With your specifications in mind, our Pallet Design System© creates:

  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings
  • specification sheets
  • structural, durability and physical property analyses
  • the pallet production order



When Are Custom Pallets Necessary?

Heavy -duty goods require special care and consideration. If you are trying to transport equipment or other products that are bulky and often fragile, you do not want to use just a standard pallet size. You would want to explore your customization options and ensure that the pallet you choose can withstand the right amount of weight and will deliver your product safely to its destination.

Uniquely-shaped items are also great candidates for customization. If a product has a unique size, shape, or design, then a standard wood pallet will not provide proper protection. Customized pallets can be fitted to your exact specifications and will guarantee the proper support.

Mobility can be an important factor for some products, especially if you are utilizing special equipment to move this product around. If this is the case, then customization will be a great option for your shipping and storage.



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Beyond this short list, there are many other great reasons to consider customization. If you think this may be the right course of action for your business or if you are still not sure, you can contact our team today to speak to our knowledgeable staff and make an informed decision for your company.