Most industries utilize wooden moving crates at one point or another. There are multiple benefits to using wooden moving crates as opposed to other types of crates. For one thing, wood is sturdier than cardboard, and heavy materials can be more easily and safely transported through wooden moving crates than they would through cardboard crates. At the same time, wooden moving crates are less expensive and more recyclable and biodegradable than metal moving crates.

It’s no secret, then, that wooden moving crates are in high demand. At the same time, the industry places far less strain on the environment than you might think. The American industry is estimated to harvest just 42% of all hardwood timber that is available. Some have compared this trio using just 42% of the dividends you receive every year, without dipping into the principal.

With all of this under consideration, what is the best wood that you can utilize for the sake of wooden crates? Let’s find out below.

1. Southern Yellow Pine

One of the most commonly used woods for wooden moving crates is a softwood called Southern Yellow Pine. Aside from being both light and strong, this softwood is relatively inexpensive. Southern Yellow pine is also used to create furniture and paper, making it a multi-purpose product.

2. Plywood

One of the great things about plywood is that it comes in various levels of thickness. It also cannot split and is resistant to termites, as well as mold, moisture, and heat if treated correctly. Baltic birch plywood is particularly desirable, as it’s quite durable and reasonably priced.

3. Orient Strand Board

This type of wood is actually engineered. It consists of multiple types of wood, which are all pressed together to form individual boards. Similar to plywood, this type of wood nevertheless lacks a grain pattern. When treated with wax, it is waterproof, which means that it’s particularly perfect for wooden moving crates.

4. Spruce

The great thing about spruce is that it’s actually a tonewood, and high enough quality to be the basis of musical instruments. However, it’s also almost as hard a Douglas fir, and therefore perfect for packing crates. While this wood has an attractive appearance, it’s also quite practical.

There are many considerations to make when creating wooden crates. Choose carefully when parsing through your options.