Leftover pallets can pose a problem for businesses. These can be too damaged for repair, made of poor quality, or the unusual size might not be what your company needs anymore. Whatever the reason, these unwanted pallets can take up precious area space in your place of business and will need to be disposed of.

Ways to Dispose of Your Pallets

There are actually several ways you can dispose of pallets efficiently without breaking them up and turning them into firewood, although some might end up that way. A few of the ones listed below might even help you turn up a neat little profit. 

  1. Contact a pallet recycler.

Try to see if there are pallet recyclers near you. Pallet recyclers will sometimes even pay you to pick up your pallets if your wooden packaging is still in good condition or in a size that’s popular with buyers. In case the pallets are an unusual size or aren’t of a suitable quality, they might charge you a minimal fee instead.


  1. Contact your shipper.

Check with your shipper if they are interested in taking the pallets off your hands by directly retrieving the pallets or by contracting with a pallet retrieval company. This can prove to be a win-win for both, particularly if your shipper uses a standard sized packaging. You will clear your space of the pallets and your shipper can enjoy a lower cost per trip by reusing these.


  1. Put them up for sale.

Selling pallets to hobbyists can be a profitable way to dispose of them. Many DIYers convert and upcycle pallets into beautiful home and garden fixtures. If your pallets are clean and free from methyl bromide treatment (or were not used to transport chemicals), they will be snapped up in no time. Many companies have found success by selling their used pallets on Facebook Marketplace or other free sites.


  1. Give them away for free.

Pallets are surprisingly popular with crafters and artisans. If you want to dispose of the pallets quickly, putting up a sign that you are offering free pallets will usually do the trick. It’s hard to say no to free stuff.

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