There are millions of pallets in circulation every day, and many companies buy the best skid pallet options because of their longevity. As it stands now, only 17% of businesses are expecting to use fewer used pallets than new ones. The best skid pallet manufacturer offers pallets that last and last and can be moved back into circulation for years to come.

What Is the Difference Between a Pallet and a Skid Pallet?

A lot of people use the terms “pallet” and “skid” interchangeably like it is the same item, but it is not. While they are similar in many ways, there is one key difference that really sets them apart. The wooden pallet has both a top and a bottom deck with stringers (for additional strength) located in between.

A skid only has an upper deck with cross beams attached to shore up the strength. Without a bottom deck, the skid pallet can be moved easily. There is less friction because the bottom deck is not attached. For many warehousing and logistics companies, the best skid pallet makes more sense than the typical pallet.

It Is the Oldest Pallet Type

Skids have been around and in circulation since the 1930s. These pallets became very popular during WWII to move supplies to the troops on the front line, including moving very heavy machinery. Skids are definitely advantageous when it comes to mobility. They can easily be lifted by a pallet mover or a forklift.

Quick Smooth Movement

Skid pallets allow for quick smooth movement of heavy machinery, heavy loads, and more. This type of pallet can make the movement of any type easier. It is easier to load, stack, and transport. This type of pallet can help to improve how products move around your warehouse.

Additionally, skid pallets can make it easier for the end-user to unload. It can be a great option for any activity. The best skid pallet is built to last and will add value to your operation. Learn more about all the benefits that skid pallets can bring to your operation by connecting with a supplier that offers skid pallets, pallets, and other conveyance equipment.