Choosing the best material for your pallets is an important decision for your company, and there are multiple factors to consider. As a business, your number one concern is to ensure the safety of your products. This means your packaging material needs to be both strong and durable. However, cost, reliability, and the overall effect on the environment are also important elements to keep in mind, which is why we highly recommend wood pallets to our customers.

At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we believe that wood pallets are the best option for your business. We use only the highest quality materials and stand behind our wood pallets as the best way to secure your products with full satisfaction. Compared to plastic pallets, wood pallets have many benefits, including being more environmentally favorable, stronger and more durable, and also more cost effective.

A Sustainable Choice

Wood pallets are a recyclable, biodegradable option compared to other packaging materials. Some argue this fact because of the timber it takes to construct wooden pallets and crates. However, the growth-to-removal ratio of trees has improved drastically in the past 50 years, and the new ratio is actually 2 to 1. For every tree that is removed, 2 new trees are planted!

Secondly, producing wood takes the least amount of energy compared to all other forms of building materials. So fewer greenhouse gases are produced in the production of wood.

Lastly, the life cycle assessment of the production of wood has been regarded as having a lower environmental impact from cradle-to-grave, compared to other packaging materials. This assessment takes into account the entire process including extraction, manufacturing process, distribution, reuse, repair processes, disposal and recycling.

Strong and Durable

Wood pallets are a great choice when it comes to protecting your products and providing safe transportation. Wooden pallets are strongly built and provide excellent protection when you are wanting to secure an important or fragile product. The solid construction not only protects the commodities inside, but also makes it convenient for mobility with a forklift or pallet jack.

Repairs are simple on wood pallets, especially compared to plastic. This is an important feature because if issues arise over time — which will happen with any packaging material — they can easily be repaired on wood pallets, making them a more durable option in the long run.

Less Expensive

One of the greatest benefits of wood pallets is that they are typically the cheaper option. Considering all of their other benefits, this makes wooden pallets a favorable choice. When you know you are choosing the sustainable option, one that will securely and properly package your products, and at a cheaper cost, wood pallets are an obvious choice for your business.

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When you take into account price, repairability and sustainability, wood pallets are a great option for your business’s shipping and delivery needs. To learn more about wooden pallets or to speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff, contact our sales team!