As a multi-billion dollar industry, the industrial pallet is a critical part of shipping businesses and the global supply chain. It has become a necessity for many shippers and manufacturers of commercial goods because the pallet allows them to move products easily from one location to the next. 

So what is an industrial pallet?

A pallet is defined as a flat structure or platform that keeps the goods you place on it in a stable fashion for shipping. These are built in a way that allows them to be lifted by forklifts, front loaders, jacks, and other lifting devices. 

How An Industrial Pallet Makes Shipping Easier

Here in America, the most widely-used industrial pallet is the GMA wood pallet, which is utilized across a wide variety of industries. Apart from the GMA pallet, there are plenty of other sizes available, and you can even have one customized to your needs. The reason why these wood pallets are so popular for shipping is because of these key points:

  1. Most follow standardized guidelines. Most of the pallets available are designed to follow a certain size, shape, and build according to the industry it will be used for. Since the specifications for these are standardized, it makes it easy to calculate the weight of goods each can hold, the amount of storage space each will need, the type of mechanism that will be used to lift them, and so on.
  1. They are easy to stack. Pallets are designed to be strong and durable enough to handle the weight of heavy items stacked together on top of it. One single pallet can bear the weight of numerous items without the risk of breakage.
  1. They keep your goods well-protected. A well-maintained industrial pallet will keep your products safe from weather, debris, and handling damages. One designed to carry fresh produce or perishable goods will usually be able to provide circulation and drainage for the items to keep them from spoiling.
  1. They can be moved quickly. Because pallets are lightweight and are designed to have grooves that make it easy for forklift tines and jacks to carry them, moving industrial pallets from one location to another is comparably quicker than manual handling. The need for extra labor is also reduced.
  1. They are reusable. You can have your pallets sent back and forth a dozen times over. In many cases when a pallet has received damage, it is still possible to have it repaired and have it work like new. It usually takes a long time before a wood pallet is deemed unusable for shipment. 

When a pallet is past its best, it can even be recycled for a DIY project, shredded for compost, or burned.

A wooden industrial pallet is the more efficient and economical answer to your shipping needs.

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