For centuries, wood has been such an important material in building, transportation, storage, and engineering. Wood has been used in everything from buckets, barrels, boxes, buildings, machines, mills, furniture, carts, ships, and even shoes.

Wood storage containers fine wooden boxes, but it wasn’t long before the shipping industry became fascinated with wood being used for transportation containers, too. At that point, there became a distinction between a wooden box and wooden crate. While a box was (and is) typically disposed of after one use, a wooden crate was made to be used time and time again. 

The History of the Wooden Crate

In the world of shipping, the wooden crate dates back to 18th century Europe. The wooden crate was the first known source for product transportation and storage, and despite the introduction to plastic, steel and other materials, wood remains one of the most popular shipping solutions today.

Reasons for Wood’s Popularity

In the past, wood was the most widely used form of containing items for transportation. Shippers were drawn to its strength, durability, and security. At that time, another very important feature of wood was its water-resistant nature, which was very important for transporting goods overseas.

Despite all the advancements in our shipping processes, the reasons for choosing wood today are actually quite similar. 

Strength: Wooden crates can withstand a tremendous amount of weight, and are great for transporting large, unwieldy objects, machinery, and other equipment. 

Durability: Unlike many other shipping options, wooden crates are reusable. They can be reused time and time again, and even when they are no longer suitable for shipping, they can be restored or even used for other purposes. Over time, they can hold up quite well and withstand harsh conditions.

Security: Wooden crates are a secure way to safely transport goods, and provide business with confidence that their products will arrive at their destination on time and in excellent condition. 

Weather resistant: Wood can withstand harsh across climates. Overseas transportation needs to be able to endure harsh and salty conditions, rain, and extreme weather changes. Moving from country to country, the weather can range from extreme heat to snow and ice. Wooden crates can protect products from all these weather changes, which makes them ideal for shipping internationally.

Wooded Crates Today

Though we have made many advancements in the shipping process, wooden crating still remains one of the most popular methods for transporting products. Wooden crates have many advantages even amlong new technologies, such as steel containers which are often heavier, costlier, and harder to control. Wooden crates today are praised for their mobility, stackability, and customization options. 

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