You need to find ways to make your business sustainable in the modern world, especially if you’re shipping and receiving a lot of items. According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, only 17% of people expect to use fewer wooden pallets next year. Here’s how you can use wooden pallets to make your shipping process more sustainable.

Sustainable Construction

A lot of packaging and other shipping materials are made of plastic, which ends up in landfills when you’re done with it. Pallets are made with natural wood, so you’re not harming the environment when you use them or get rid of them. They’re one of the most sustainable shipping choices you can make, especially compared to plastic crates and pallets.

No Harmful Chemicals or Byproducts

As long as you’re getting your pallets from a good supplier, they’re not being treated with any harmful chemicals. Pallets are usually made with oak or pine, which are both tough materials that don’t need extra protection. If you see an “HT” stamp on your wooden pallets, then that means they’ve been heat treated to get rid of insects and bacteria.


If you have extra wooden pallets lying around, then you can find tons of great ways to use them for things other than shipping. You can use them to make a planter box for your herbs, a nightstand, or just about anything else that can be made of wood. Since pallets aren’t treated with harsh chemicals, you can safely reuse them for tons of projects for your home or business.


When you have a bunch of plastic crates or pallets, you have to get creative to find ways to recycle them. Wooden pallets are awesome because they’re so easy to recycle. All you have to do is find a local recycling center that accepts them.

Sustainable practices are the best way to get your business up to speed with the rest of the world. If you want to minimize waste without making shipping a hassle, then finding a good pallet supplier is smart. Contact our team to learn more about making your shipping practices more sustainable with wooden pallets from our company. We’d love to tell you more about them and their many benefits, so call us today!