With Anderson Pallet and Crate, you can always count on fair prices, exceptional customer service, and a knowledgeable staff. Our team provides customized shipping solutions to meet your company’s needs. We work with a variety of clients, all with varying needs, and our one common goal is to protect their valuable assets.

For additional protection of your company’s products and equipment, Anderson Pallet and Crate also offers heat shrink wrapping. For some businesses, heat shrink wrapping is an extra security measure to keep products safe and prevent weather damage. For others, their products are so large or heavy that using a shipping crate is merely not an option. For various reasons, heat shrink wrapping is often a great way to provide cost-effective protection for your products.


Benefits of Heat Shrink Wrapping


High-Quality Protection

  • Delivers products and equipment dirt-free.
  • Provides a water resistant covering, protecting your goods from weather damage due to water, salt, wind, etc.
  • Covers and secures large, and unusually shaped products.

Economical Safeguardings

  • Shrink wrap is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to protect large products or equipment.
  • Water resistant heat shrink wrapping eliminates the need for tarps.


  • Shrink wrapping can be vented to prevent moisture and mildew.
  • Covering can prevent corrosion on sensitive metals.


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If you’re looking to minimize shipping damage or find a better way to properly ship your products or equipment, consider securing your shipment with heat shrink wrapping. To learn more about heat shrink wrapping and see if it is right for your business, contact our Anderson Pallet and Crate office at (303) 660-0084 or browse our website at https://www.andersonpalletandcrate.com/. Our friendly and experienced staff are dedicated to excellent service and truly care about the satisfaction of our customers.