If your business is in need of wooden crates or container crates, there are several things you need to consider. According to Business Wire, the pallet market will reach about $79 billion by 2028. This is clearly a booming market and you need to know how to pick the best wooden crate companies to deal with. Here are some qualities to look for.

Flexible Timelines

You want to work with a container crates company that will respect your timeline. When you are in need of shipping materials, there is a definite shipping timeline that must be respected. If you’re working with a company that can’t provide the container crates you need when you need them, your business and bottom line could suffer.


It’s the goal of every business endeavor to keep your bottom line healthy. If you start spending more and more on shipping materials, it can start to eat into your profits. Do some research to make sure you’re getting a deal on container crates that works well with your profit goals.

Quality Manufacturers

It’s easy to think that wooden crates are just all the same, but different manufacturers produce different qualities of products. When you contact a container crate dealer, you will definitely need to talk about who is manufacturing the crates you will purchase. If you wind up with poor-quality crates, your goods or products could get damaged. This would result in a loss for you in profits and in reputation. It’s important that you protect your reputation as a business owner. You want people to trust your name as a reliable provider of goods and products that are always delivered in good shape.

Specialty Services

Not all shipping container companies will provide specialty services, but if you’re in need of custom-made containers, you’ll need to ask about this upfront. This can save you some time going forward so that you can start to weed out the companies that don’t provide all of the services that you need.

Quality Customer Service

As with most businesses, customer service matters a lot. You want to work with professionals who listen to you and assist you with your challenges. If you are looking for quality shipping containers for your business, please contact Anderson Pallet & Crate today.