We, at Anderson & Crates, are proud members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (or the NWPCA for short) — the largest wood packaging organization in the world. More than 670 companies scattered in 28 countries who are in the manufacturing, repair, distribution, and supply of wood pallets and packaging belong to this group.

What Membership in the NWPCA Means For Its Members

Being a member of the NWPCA means that we get access to numerous benefits and resources. Here are a few:

1. NWCPA gives access to industry information and resources

The organization is dedicated to helping its members in the wood pallet industry thrive. It promotes the industry as a whole by providing numerous sources for information, research, and expertise on the subject. It’s not only businesses in the market that profit from these pieces of information but government decision-makers, universities, consumers, and end-users as well. 

2. Advocacy and representation through NWCPA

As the voice of the industry, the NWPCA works and speaks for everyone, including the small-to-medium-scale family businesses that can’t hire full-time OSHA experts, legal counsels, or DC lobbyists to battle regulations and codes that are not beneficial to or will harm the industry. 

3. Business networking with other members

Numerous national and regional events held by the organization yearly allow its members from different sectors in the industry to meet with and learn from each other. The latest systems, business updates, and technologies are often discussed and shared. With more than 1,300 average industry attendees, each member is sure to learn a lot.

4. Collaborative healthcare 

The NWPCA, in collaboration with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), UnitedHealthCare, and Mercer, offers a simplified approach to healthcare that will benefit the employees and families of member manufacturing companies. This benefit offers product flexibility, substantial savings on administrative costs, and enrollment efficiencies, all of which can be accessed through an easy-to-use web platform.

The NAM Healthcare offers ACA-compliant coverage, health plans, and life, dental, and vision insurances. 

5. High quality due to NWCPA standards

To elevate and protect the industry, the organization is committed to setting ethical and product standards high.  One of its core missions is to ensure that wood packaging is seen as an economical, clean, and sustainable product in shipping and packaging. 

How Our Membership in the NWPCA Benefits Our Customers 

1. Research and development

The organization continuously invests in research and development to benefit wood packaging designers, engineers, and end-users. One such product of this research is the NWPCA Pallet Design System™, a software package that is a tool for engineering design, product specification, educational, and professional marketing. 

This software was first introduced in 1984 and has undergone several updates since then to incorporate the latest technologies and data regarding wooden pallets. In the end, this benefits you, as our customer, because you can be sure that the pallets we provide utilize these techniques for better performance and function. 

Another result of this intense focus on development is the LoadSync™ software that lets users of pallets input and save their unit load handling requirements and their entire pallet to a data file. They can email these to pallet manufacturers who will then design a cost-effective and customized pallet that can safely handle the customer’s product. 

2. Standardization

A uniform standard has been developed by the organization for manufacturers to make sure that every pallet is as safe and strong as possible when used for shipping. The NWPCA guidelines that we adhere to ensure that our customers will have little trouble with their shipments because each pallet is designed to provide users with an efficient handling experience. 

The organization has also laid down instructions and specifications for the repair of pallets in a number of different scenarios, including twisted blocks and splits. These instructions are extremely detailed for the uniformity of results. 

How Can Anderson Pallet Help You?

As members of the NWPCA, we can ensure that we are delivering quality, standardized pallets to our customers that meet every shipping need.

Do you need help finding out what pallets will work best for your shipping needs? Our agents are always available to talk! Give us a call at (303) 660-0084. Or visit our website to browse our selection and submit a custom order form: we guarantee that we can help you find a shipping solution, and customize your order to meet your needs!