Cost of Shipping Pallets

In uncertain time such as this, every penny counts. Even the smallest increase in expenses can have a big impact on the profitability of your product. That’s why it’s important to get an accurate projection of all costs you may incur in your business to make sure you are earning.

One of the most important things to consider in a business that’s concerned with shipping is the cost of transporting pallet goods, which can vary significantly based on a number of things. To get a clear idea of the expenses you’re facing when shipping, here is everything you need to factor in your pallet shipping cost calculator.

  1. Packaging

The type of packaging material you will use is the first thing you need to look into. Will you be shipping frequently? If so, you might consider going with a reusable wooden crate or pallet. Will your product need more support or will a simple skid pallet do? The rates will differ the more protection and support a product needs and the more packaging it requires. 

  1. Shipping mode

Shipping modes are varied and based on shipping time. The faster you wish your goods to be delivered or sent, the costlier shipping gets because additional charges will be tacked on top of the regular shipping rates for your product.

The number of goods you will ship will also affect the price. Some transport companies charge less for businesses that ship in bulk (freight) when compared to those shipping a smaller amount of items. 

  1. Weight and density

The larger and heavier your products are, the more money they will cost to transport. A good way to reduce costs is to use a packaging that’s just big enough to hold your goods but snug enough that shifting is prevented during transport. If it’s an irregular-shaped item or any product that’s difficult to fit into conventional-sized pallets or crates, you might want to look into having your goods’ packaging customized.

  1. Distance

The distance between the source location and the destination plays a major role too. Simply put, the farther your shipment travels, the higher the rate you pay. You also have to take into consideration if it’s a direct shipping route or if your package will have to change shipping carriers midway. This happens when a particular carrier does not cover the exact geographical location where the item is being shipped to.

  1. Port fees

Each port authority sets their own rates for goods loaded and unloaded on their ports. These are usually charged to the shipper or customer rather than to the shipping operator. The fees vary but are often based on the weight, quantity, and nature of the goods. Cargo that are considered dangerous may be charged more.

If you’re shipping internationally, you may also need to factor in the exchange rate for that particular country.

It’s hard to truly know your shipping costs without talking to an expert.

There are so many factors that affect shipping rates aside from those mentioned above. To get a clearer picture, consult with us at Anderson Pallet and Crate. We are shipping experts, and we’ll help you accurately calculate the cost.