Wooden and skid pallets may not be the most eye-catching things in the world, but their widespread use and the significant benefits they provide for businesses make them quite valuable. According to Home Edit, almost 400 billion dollars worth of American goods is shipped worldwide yearly on wood pallets and containers. The following shows how utilizing a wood or skid pallet might benefit your company.

Enhanced Floorspace Efficiency

Any company dealing with shipping knows the significance of maintaining an efficient warehouse. It is critical to make the most of the storage space available while also ensuring that it can access different products easily. Because palletization increases the vertical space, a business can utilize the maximum space in the warehouse by using wood pallets.

Convenience of Transport

Using a wood pallet makes it simple to transport inbound and outbound parts and materials between storage, shelving, production, and shipping areas. If all of the products are the same size, loading and unloading them is much simpler.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Wood and skid pallets are some of the most recycled forms of packaging material. They have unique properties that, in contrast to many other products and packaging solutions in supply chains, make them ideally suited for reducing carbon emissions through recycling, repurposing, and biodegradation.

Value for Your Investment

Because it only costs around eight dollars for a wooden pallet, transporting goods using this method is one of the least expensive options. It can even be cheaper than purchasing cardboard boxes in some cases. No matter how many items you have to move, transporting them on wooden pallets or a skid pallet is the most efficient and economical way to do so without compromising on the level of safety provided.

Exceptionally Long Lifespan

Wood pallets typically have a lifespan of over 20 years when not subject to the typical wear and tear. Many shipping companies insist on wooden pallets for the delivery of their cargo because of their durability. Whether subjected to extreme heat or moisture, wooden pallets can endure it all.

Wood and skid pallets are versatile and great for moving almost any product or inventory. Their combination of low cost and high strength make them an excellent option and beneficial to any business. Get in touch with us today to order custom-made wood pallets for your business.