The wooden skid pallet has been in use for just about as long as trucks have been used to move goods from one point to another. The wooden pallets are inexpensive and durable, making it a lot easier to move large quantities of various products. According to Business Wire, the nation’s pallet market should grow by 4.8% annually from 2022 through 2028, and part of this growth is thanks to the transportation industry. Let’s look at how wooden pallets are used in transportation.

Packing Goods for Transportation

A skid pallet and other types of wooden pallets make it a lot easier to stack and pack items for transportation. The wooden pallets provide the goods with a strong and secure platform that can hold boxed items that might contain durable goods or even fragile goods. The pallets make it possible to secure items and tightly pack a cargo space on a trailer or another mode of transport so that you can maximize its carrying capacity.

Enable the Lifting of Packaged Goods

Wooden pallets, like the skid pallet, enable qualified workers using forklifts to raise and lower palletized products. The lifting might be just enough to move them to another spot. They also might lift items to stack them on a truck or store them for future use.

Store Items in Racks

Warehouses, big box retailers, and other businesses often store items on wooden pallets and place them high up in very sturdy pallet racks. The pallet racks enable items to be stored for a short period while out of the way of other items that need to be used sooner. As those items sell out or are distributed, the items up high come down so that they also are available for distribution.

Protect Items in Transport

Wooden pallets provide a stable and protective platform for items that are to be placed on trucks or other modes of transportation to be moved to another location. The items placed on the pallets often are secured with shrink wrap, nylon straps, or other items that help to keep them in place. Some include thick cardboard or even wooden sides and tops to fully protect them against damage.

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