Wood crates are one of the most popular shipping solutions on the market today. As a matter of fact, they’ve never gone out of style as a go-to solution for transporting and storing goods worldwide.

Wood crates were first used in 18th-century Europe as a primary means to transport products, and up to this day, continue to be used to ship items globally. With the advancement of technology, wood crates evolved and now have many customization options as well.

There are quite a few customization choices for shipping containers in the market today. Wood crates, like all other types of shipping containers, have their advantages and disadvantages. But the benefits of using wood crates, especially custom ones, certainly outweigh the downsides to their use. 

Wood crates vs. cardboard and steel containers

Generally and environmentally speaking, wood material is more practical when compared to using plastic or metal. Steel containers are certainly more expensive than wood crates, and wood crates can also be cheaper than their counterparts made of plastic. 

Although cardboard boxes are typically the least expensive option, they are usually disposed of after just a single-use, thereby making it the least cost-efficient choice as a shipping container. The price-point of wood crates also makes them a much more economical choice when it comes to reusability. They last longer than the other materials, and can be reused multiple times in shipping over and over again. And later on, they can be appropriated for storage.

When it comes to durability, wood crates shine as well. Cardboard boxes often do not provide enough protection for fragile items, and are vulnerable when factoring in vibrations in transit. They’re also not moisture resistant, and it’s not advisable to use them for transporting bulky items. 

Steel containers, on the other hand, are commonly used for carrying heavy loads. But while they offer maximum protection, they have limited portability. Steel containers also need to be fabricated and sometimes need to be custom engineered, so they are not easily sourced. Not many packing companies provide this custom steel containers, and because of this, the cost can be very prohibitive. Custom wood crates, ultimately, are a great balance of optimal reliability, affordability, and reusability.

Benefits of using custom wood crates as a shipping container

Why choose custom wood crates to transport your goods? Here are some factors:

  1. They keep your items safe and secure. When shipping, the top consideration is usually how to best protect your item so that it will arrive safely and in one piece to its destination. Custom wood crates, with rigid sides and lids, ensure that contents are secure inside. 
  2. They can accommodate uniquely shaped items. 
  3. They are highly recyclable, and you can use them over and over again. The optimum reusability of wood crates also means high sustainability, making them not only a practical choice but also an ecological one.
  4. They don’t take up much space. Custom wood crates can be broken down or reassembled easily, which adds to the benefits of using them. Because of their customizability, they may not take up a lot of extra space, thereby saving on shipping and storage costs. 

Custom wood crate options

There is a variety of options for custom wood crates. Your choice depends mainly on the goods you need to transport. Depending on the size and quantity of your items, crates can be customized to contain dividers inside, in case there are several items or parts of items that need to be separated while in transit. 

Wood crates can also have wheels or casters, especially those that are custom-made. Recommended for shipping heavy goods, wood crates with wheels or casters can make the transport of heavily-loaded wood crates simpler and easier. 

Another option is heat-treatment. Heat treatment is a requirement when shipping overseas, to prevent the possible spread of pests or diseases from one place to another. 

Heat-treated wood crates are safe and sanitary because of the sterilization process involved. The heat treatment eliminates the possibility of infection or allergies that untreated wood can cause. The heating process also provides optimal protection for your items because the wood crate becomes moisture-resistant despite changes in weather in transit. This add-on protection mitigates the risk of damage to your goods.

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