Before choosing whether or not to use heat-treated or non heat-treated pallets, it is important to know the pros and cons of each. 


Heat-Treated Pallets 

Here are the pros and cons of electing to use heat-treated pallets for your business:



Safe and Sterilized 

One of the most important benefits to heat-treatment is the sterilization of this process. Wood can become a home to insects, termites, larvae and other infestations. Some of the pests that feed on wood can be dangerous, and if the wood is disturbed, chemicals are released that can cause infections, allergic reactions, and long-term respiratory issues. Heat-treatment can eliminate the spread of these organisms from place to place. 


Moisture Resistant 

Heat-treating pallets makes the wood moisture resistant, too. This means optimal protection for your goods, despite possible changes in weather conditions. Decreasing the moisture content of the wood can also decrease the weight of the pallet, which can save you money on shipping costs.


International Shipping

When shipping overseas, heat-treatment is a requirement in order to stop the spread of invasive species from one area to another



When it comes to being environmentally friendly, Anderson Pallet and Crate can you stand apart. Using wooden pallets and crates for product transportation is already a positive ecological step. Purchasing heat-treated pallets is another way to bring ecological awareness into your business, by stopping the spread of invasive species from one area to another.



Higher Cost

The biggest negative of heat-treatment is that it is an added expense. Depending on where you choose to get this process done, the expense of the treatment might be more than the money you save on shipping costs due to the lighter load.



Another downside to heat-treatment is that not every shipping company provides this as an option, so you might have to look around and do some research before you find the right business for all of your shipping needs.


Non Heat-Treated Pallets 

There are pros and cons to non heat-treated pallets as well, and it is important to weigh these options when making this decision for your business. 



More Options

If you choose to pass on heat-treatment, you will have more options for your shipping needs. More sourcing opportunities will be available, because not every business provides this an option.


Less Money

Heat-treatment is an additional expense, and if you are not shipping internationally, it may not be a necessary one. 


Easier to Ship

Heat-treatment needs to be repeated with every shipment, which means paying for the service over and over. Non heat-treated pallets do not need to go through this process which makes the process simpler and quicker. 



Cannot be Shipped Internationally 

If you are looking to ship internationally, you must heat-treat your pallets. 


Potential Spread of Pests

Without heat-treatment, there is a possibility that you are spreading a variety of pests and infestations. This could be damaging for the area you ship to, or even to your own warehouse and products. 


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