Pallets and crates are the backbones of the global supply chain; without them, the shipment of goods would come to a standstill. About 92% of pallets are made from wood, and 95% of all goods are shipped using it. There is not a lot of thought given to how much every country’s economy depends on these tools. Here’s how pallets and crates keep the economy moving.

Since WWII and Before

Wooden crates have a longer history than pallets do. Pallets made the scene during WWII because supplies needed to make it to the front line without being damaged. Pallets made their mark during WWII. The number of pallets and crates in circulation today easily exceeds the billion mark.

If all the pallets in the world were lined up end to end, they would circle the globe twice. They are found in warehouses, used in shipping containers, trucks, and every other form of transportation. Pallets and crates can be found anywhere in the world where goods are stored or transported.

Standardized Size

A pallet and a crate can go from California to Calcutta, India and fit through warehouse doors, retail spaces, and enter other areas without a problem because they are standardized. Warehouses around the globe are designed to fit standard-sized pallets.

Every manufacturing company, warehousing activity, and transport service is on the same page when it comes to pallet sizes and building their facilities to accommodate the standard-sized pallet. Crates are also considered in the design of warehouses, retail locations, and transportation. Because of this, goods can be moved from one country to another with ease.

It All Comes Together Perfectly

Every industry around the world is highly reliant on pallets and crates to move goods from place to place and to store them. Without this equipment, the supply chain would come to a screaming halt. Getting essential goods like food, clothing, and more would be nearly impossible without the proper storage and transport equipment.

Crates and pallets deliver a tremendous amount of value to the supply chain and the greater economy. Without them, we would not be able to live the lifestyle we live and the local and global economy would fail. To obtain pallets and crates for your business, contact Anderson Pallet & Crate today.