Finding the most cost-effective approach to sending large products can be difficult. Usually, one has to consider the packaging option and the delivery cost. Despite the need to save money, it’s critical to strike a balance between the expense and the safety of your shipments. Only opting for low-cost packaging materials might result in your large products being damaged during shipping. As a result, many manufacturers use pallets and crates. Here’s everything you should know about this shipping option.

What is a Shipping Pallet?

Pallets are used to transport large amounts of products both locally and internationally. Pallets, which are made of wood, metal, or plastic, can be used to package groups of the same item or different objects being delivered from one area to another. Since pallets are often regulated in size, pallet shipments provide predictable numbers for placing orders, calculating costs, and even anticipating the space needed to ship and warehouse commodities. Standardized pallets include 48″ x 40″ pallets normally priced between $11 and $12.50 each. Similarly sized pallets that have been used are about half the price. Also, you’ll have to pay around a dollar extra for treated ones (for international shipping).

Pallets also provide a robust and durable foundation for products, helping to prevent them from harm during shipping. Pallets also provide speed and efficiency, since forklifts and pallet jacks allow for far more efficient mechanical transportation of products than moving items one by one by hand.

Using Shipping Crates

Another cost-effective approach to sending large products is to use a shipping crate. Shipping your things in a crate container reduces your shipment’s liability and lowers the overall cost. Crates are frequently used to carry large, bulky products that require extra protection from shock and movement. They’re reusable and frequently customized to accommodate the items being delivered. They’re also utilized to carry products that require a higher level of security than palletized shipments because they’re more difficult to gain access to.

Crate Shipping Costs

Your crate shipping cost will be based on various criteria, particularly as wooden boxes are often customized to your contents, shipping circumstances, and demands. That stated, there are several methods for estimating the cost of your shipping container. A competent shipping company is recommended to help you navigate shipping cost issues.

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