Many businesses across the US and the world rely on pallets for their operations because this type of packaging offers them an efficient way to protect, transport, and store goods of all kinds. But how much should you expect to pay for wood pallets? 

Factors that Affect Pallet Prices

Since wood pallets are so diverse, pallet prices can vary a lot depending on these factors:

  1. Type of wood. Wood pallets are made of either softwood or hardwood. Softwoods are much more common and easier to source so the rates will be lower for these. 
  2. New vs. used. Used pallets will naturally cost less than brand new ones. If you’re looking for a cheaper but structurally sound option, you can go for premium pallets, which are barely used, or with grade A ones (with repairs but close to their original condition). 
  3. Rental or own pallet. Renting pallets might be the more cost-effective option if you’re planning to infrequently ship out goods. With a rental company, you won’t have to deal with the collection, storage, or repair of the pallets.
  4. Pallet size. Pallets come in a few different standard sizes. Bulky or oddly-shaped items that don’t fit in standard packaging will need pallets that are custom-made and which are more expensive.
  5. Location. Labor, pallet core, and lumber availability in your location will also drastically affect the prices.
  6. Treated or non-treated. Some pallets come heat-treated and these will cost more. The treatment is necessary if you want to ship internationally, although you can get by with untreated ones for domestic transport.
  7. Fluctuations in the market. The prices of material in the market can fluctuate a lot. And it’s not just the lumber price that you have to watch. Fasteners make up about a tenth of the cost of the pallets.

Budgeting For Pallets

It’s difficult to quote exact pallet prices since these come in different sizes and forms. However, if we stick to the standard 48” x 40” GMA pallets, new ones will be around the $11 to $12.50 range. Recycled pallets will be about half the price, and heat-treated pallets will add about $1 more each to your total cost.

Heavier block pallets that use four-by-four blocks instead of stringers can cost upwards of $25 new.

In some instances, some pallet companies may provide discounts. These usually involve bulk orders that involve a minimum set amount of pallets. You can ask your local pallet company what they can offer you.


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