The transportation sector is a booming industry in the U.S. This sector employs almost 4 million Americans, and that doesn’t even account for the other industries that are reliant on transportation such as packaging and shipping industries. According to Industry Arc, the wood packaging market which includes pallets and crates, is expected to reach $4.21 billion by 2025. Let’s look at a few common transportation services and their growth rate.

Airport Operations

Airport operations have seen a growth rate of 53% since 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Airport operations comprise businesses that are engaged in running airports and providing support for airports. This can include hangar rental companies, air traffic control services, baggage handling services, and cargo handling. Most of this growth has been attributed to the rise of e-commerce. This relatively new industry has increased the need and demand for air cargo services.

Support Activities Air Transportation

Air transportation has many support activities that surround it which create other industries. These include repairing, servicing, maintaining, storing, and ferrying aircraft. There has been a 35% increase in these industries, according to the BLS.

Ground Passenger Transportation

This category applies to ground passengers transportation services such as Uber, Lyft, shuttle services, and vanpools. It does not apply to taxis, limousines, school or employee buses, or charter services. This sector is up by 53% according to the BLS. This is greatly attributed to the advent of Uber and Lyft. Ride-sharing apps have revolutionized transportation. With the assistance of smartphone and app technologies as well as a digital payment technology, this particular sector of transportation has a far-reaching economic effect that reaches into many other sectors.

Marine Cargo

This sector includes companies that provide loading and unloading services. These services are rendered at ports and harbors. This sector can also include shiphold cleaning services. This particular industry has seen a huge demand for marine cargo handling. This is due to the fact that international imports and exports are a big majority of waterborne cargo transportation. Domestic consumer spending and U.S. industrial production as increased since the Great Recession.

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