If your business ships various items, then you need to find out how to protect those shipments to make sure they get there in one piece. According to Pallet One, about $400 billion worth of annual American trade worth is exported using wood pallets and crates. With so many businesses using these, it’s important to learn how custom wood crates can help you step up your shipping process.

They Keep Products Protected

No matter what you’re shipping, you don’t want your shipments getting damaged or broken en route. Cardboard boxes don’t offer a lot of protection, even with bubble wrap and other padding inside. Wooden crates are sturdy and rigid, so you can stack them up without worrying about what’s inside getting crushed. Big shipments that need some extra protection are the perfect chance to use them.

They Can Be Reused

Some people reuse boxes for storage or moving, but most people recycle boxes after getting a shipment. Wooden crates are reusable, so you’re keeping your business sustainable and saving money when you use them to ship products. As long as your wood crates don’t break or get lost, you can pretty much keep using them for as long as you want.

They Provide Easy Organization

Awkwardly shaped boxes and pallets can make it hard to organize your truck or warehouse. On the other hand, wood crates are easy to stack and organize by size, so you always know where everything is. As long as they’re not too old and worn out, you can stack multiple full crates on top of each other and organize them however you want to.

They Are Customizable

You can even find custom wood crates that are specially designed for your products. You might need ones with ventilation, or maybe you need a special shape or size for an odd product. Customizing them gives you a chance to find the perfect shipping solutions for all your products.

Finding smart and sustainable ways to ship your products can be a tough job, but it can be made easier with help from us. Wood crates are a great solution if you’re shipping big items that need a little extra protection. Contact our team to order custom wood crates today.