Ensuring the safety of your products and preventing damage during shipping requires proper packaging. Appropriately palletizing, wrapping or crating your products is the main way to avoid damage through the transportation process. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, our number one priority is making sure your products get to your customers unharmed by providing high quality pallets, crates and heat shrink wrapping services. Here are some tips that will help your business properly secure your products, prevent damage, and save money!

5 Tips to Protect Your Freight

Labeling goods

Properly labeling your products is a simple, yet very important step in the packaging process. If products are not labeled with the correct address and telephone number for both parties involved in the shipping process, this can greatly increase the risk for misplaced or lost merchandise. Additionally, labeling can be useful for a way to include handling instructions, other necessary phone numbers, or further shipping instructions.

Palletizing and Crating

Palletizing can be useful for multiple boxes or large products, and can add extra protection during transportation. Heat-shrink wrapping can be used to secure the products onto the pallet.

Crating offers the highest level of protection and is best used for fragile products, items of great value, and easily damaged merchandise. Although crating provides the best protection, it can be more expensive than some other packaging options, and therefore crating should be used for your products that require extra protection during shipment.

Wrapping fragile items

Wrapping fragile items is an important step in the packaging process. When you have particularly fragile items, it’s useful to wrap these items separately. It is important make sure these items are secure, but it is also critical to avoid wrapping them too tightly, which can put too much pressure on these fragile products and can actually cause more damage.

Insuring freight

Insuring your shipment can be a smart option in case your product gets mishandled, damaged, lost, or stolen. Packaging your product properly is important, but insuring your freight is that extra protective step. Insuring the shipment can protect your business from financial loss due to any unforeseen transportation problems. This is especially important if you are shipping a product overseas. Insuring a freight can happen from either the freight company itself or the buyer.

Packaging Properly

Follow these basic guidelines when freight crating:

  • Fill the crate to full capacity. This will prevent the products from moving around too much during transportation.
  • Package heavier items on the bottom to help prevent damage.
  • Fill in any extra space with packaging materials.

If you have any questions about the best way to package and protect your next shipment, get in touch with our team at Anderson Pallet and Crate and we’re happy to walk you through all your options for keeping your freight safe and secure on its way out your door.