If you’re familiar with packaging solutions in the material handling sector, you’ve probably come across the term “skid pallet.” However, this doesn’t mean you know what they are. Here’s what you need to know about skid pallets.

The Difference Between Skid Pallets and Regular Pallets

Most people use the terms pallet and skid interchangeably. However, this gives the impression they’re the same, which is not true. While these two have some similarities, there is one major difference that sets them apart. Wooden pallets have a top and bottom deck with stringers located in between. On the other hand, a skid pallet has an upper deck that has cross beams. The purpose of the cross beams is to shore up the length. This means a skid pallet doesn’t have a bottom deck.

Benefits of Skid Pallets

As mentioned before, skid pallets don’t have a bottom deck, which brings several advantages. For instance, it enables you to move the pallets easily because there’s less friction. For a lot of logistics and warehousing companies, skid pallets make a lot of sense due to the ease of moving them. Another advantage of skid pallets is that they allow for quick, smooth movement of heavy loads, machinery, and more. They’re easy to load, transport, and stack. They can also improve how you move products around the warehouse.

Skid Pallets Have Been Around for a Long Time

Because the name is not thrown around a lot, it’s easy to assume skid pallets are a new concept, but this statement can’t be further from the truth. In fact, skid pallets have been in circulation since the 1930s. Skid pallets were quite popular during World War II. During this time, they were used to move supplies to soldiers on the front line and were used to move heavy machinery. According to Pallet Central, there are around 1.8 billion pallets in service in the United States, and about 93% of these are wooden. This doesn’t include the millions of pallets being used to ship goods internationally. With so many skid pallets available, many businesses can take advantage of them to make their workload easier. Are you interested in learning more about skid pallets? Get in touch with us. We offer skid pallets, pallets, and other conveyance equipment.