Wooden pallets are incredibly versatile when it comes to DIY projects and basic construction. If you have extra wooden pallets and crates, here are some alternative uses to consider.

Planter Boxes

Pallets are the perfect size for creating small planter boxes. You can stack pallets and create a tiered planter box, or you can create one big planter box out of a few pallets. Single pallets are great for herb gardens and other small plants. If you love gardening, you can find plenty of uses for pallets.


Nothing is more annoying than not having enough storage space. If you can’t find places to put stuff around the house, you can build customized shelves out of your old pallets. In fact, pallets and crates are both great when it comes to building storage towers and shelves. You can check out DIY pallet shelves to find more ideas for turning your pallets into storage space.


If you have small children and you don’t want to spring for an expensive plastic playhouse, you can make them a DIY playhouse out of wooden pallets. Pallets are great because they can serve as the actual structure of the playhouse, as well as the furniture inside it. Just make sure there are no sharp nails or other hazards before letting your kids play.


You can also use wooden pallets to create a cozy spot where your dog can spend time outside. Dogs enjoy having a good doghouse to stay out of the wind and rain, and you can find tons of great pallet doghouse ideas.


Whether you’re entertaining guests or creating a separate dining area for your children, tables are a great use of pallets. The more tables you have, the more places you have for guests to set drinks, phones, and anything else they may want to set down. Plus, building a pallet table is fairly simple, and you can even implement pallets and crates.

Wooden pallets are all over the place, whether you work in a grocery store or a warehouse. According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, only 17% of businesses expect to use fewer wooden pallets in the coming years, so wooden pallets aren’t going anywhere. If you want to upgrade your home with custom, DIY furniture, contact Anderson Pallet & Crate to purchase pallets and crates today!